About the Founder


My name is Jess Montgomery. I started Think the World Differently in 2018 out of my need to do something to help stop the devastating negative environmental impacts that the global clothing industry is having on our planet.

I have always loved fashion, and I always considered myself an environmentally minded person, and yet it had never crossed my mind to think about where my clothes came from, or where they went when I gave them away. I started to learn about the environmental and social impacts of the clothing industry when I was in graduate school. And once I started to learn about these impacts, I couldn’t look away.

The global clothing industry is making huge strides to become more sustainable; these efforts are a positive example of how major industry can change. But too often, the impact of overproduction and overconsumption are left out of the equation. Think the World Differently is my attempt to draw attention to the role that clothing overconsumption plays in contributing to environmental degradation and climate change.

It has been my experience that most people do want to make a difference. But while it may not feel like we can control how the industry operates, we can control how and what we buy. Taking responsibility for our clothing consumption is a powerful way to take action.

For bookings, interviews or to learn more about Think the World Differently you can contact me at Jess@ThinktheWorldDifferntly.com.


Speaking Engagements

Young Women in Business UBC, Couture for a Cause Gala. 2018.

Kitsilano House, Senior’s Drop-in Hour. 2019.

Grace Club, An Evening of Awareness and Understanding. 2019.

TEDxChilliwack, How Your Clothes Can Save the Planet. 2019.

Victoria Eco Fashion Week, Panel Discussion. 2019.



Intengine Sustainability Leadership Congress, Apparel Panel. 2019.

Canadian Comparative Literature Association, Fashion and Empowerment Roundtable. 2019.