College Workshop


Fashioning Tomorrow

Workshop Length: 2 hours

The global textile and apparel industry is one of the largest industrial polluters; it is an industry that capitalizes on cheap labor and environmentally unsound practices.  However, of the major global industries, the textile and apparel industry is uniquely positioned to lead innovation towards global industry that prioritizes human and environmental wellbeing alongside economic profitability.  

Through group discussion and focused information sharing, this workshop empowers participants to recognize that they are important and influential stakeholders in the global textile and apparel industry.


Workshop Objectives

Provide a summary of the social and environmental issues that are pervasive in the global textile and apparel industry.

Provide an overview of the historical legacies that have led to the current state of the global textile and apparel industry.

Examine the role that the global fashion industry plays in promoting consumer culture and overconsumption.

Explore how the global textile and apparel industry is uniquely situated to lead innovation towards sustainable industry.

Explore the role that fashion makers and producers can play in contributing to a more just and sustainable global clothing and textile industry.


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“The ‘Fashioning Tomorrow: The impact of the global textile and apparel industry’ workshop really opened my eyes on what my perspective was on fashion. What I understood about fashion was always the end product, to me clothes meant how I would present myself in them in public, but after the workshop it’s just not about fashion, it’s more than that. The workshop helped me understand that clothing plays such an important part in our lives and how different people relate to it, some relate it through culture whereas some relate it through income and source of living… I would highly recommend this workshop. Great job, Jessica.”
Deepeshni G., Edmonton
“Jess’s session took pieces of the fabric of each of our stories and like a talented seamstress, stitched them together in an empowering and engaging way. Her session provided the space and opportunity to become more conscious about fashion and the impact and significance of our choices.”
Sarah A., Edmonton
“Jess was able to engage the workshop participants in activities and reflection that truly resonated with a diverse group.  She proved to have considerable knowledge in the area of textile history and ethical issues spanning from gender equity to environmental concerns. The students were challenged and enjoyed the opportunity to bring in diverse cultural perspectives.”
Kiley F., Edmonton