"All the great transformations have been unthinkable until they actually come to pass; the fact that a belief system is deeply rooted does not mean it cannot change."

- Edgar Morin



College Workshop

Think the World Differently's College Workshops raise awareness regarding the complex role that clothing plays in our daily lives, as well as the social and environmental implications of the global clothing industry. The workshops encourage critical thinking in regards to corporate green-washing, conscious consumption and reduced consumption

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Think the World Differently encourages resiliency and positive social impact by bringing people together to build tangible solutions to the negative social and environmental impacts of the clothing industry.




Community Workshop - In Development

Think the World Differently's Community Workshop Pilot Project will follow the Community-based Social Marketing (CBSM) approach, which supports the understanding that behaviour change is most effective when it is carried out at the community level, and directly involves participants.

More information coming soon.