How your clothes can save the Planet

With a focus on group learning, this workshop provides an overview of the environmental impacts of the clothing industry, and how these impacts contribute to environmental degradation, species loss, and climate change. Participants learn ways to take action, and develop more sustainable clothing consumption habits. 

The seniors at the Kitsilano Neighbourhood House absolutely adored Jess and ‘Think the World Differently’. As she did her presentation, she was engaging and thoughtful of her audience, and was patient with the many many questions that came flying her way. Everyone was so excited by the info Jess was sharing, and inspired to take action. One of the seniors in the group came up to me afterwards and asked if we could plan a clothing swap for our next event at the Neighbourhood House and I said a wholehearted yes! Thank you, Jess, for inspiring change and making it seem attainable - not impossible. This message is so important. I would recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone!

– Mady Sieben, Community Programmer for Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

The Power of clothes

This workshop explores the history behind why the clothing industry has become one of the most polluting industries in the world. Group exercises confront some of fashion’s more negative stereotypes, and explore the long-standing ties between clothing and the expression of identity, gender, culture, religion, politics and even geography. Participants are encouraged to take action against overconsumption by reconnecting with their clothes as a form of personal expression.


Jess was able to engage the workshop participants in activities and reflection that truly resonated with a diverse group.  She proved to have considerable knowledge in the area of textile history and ethical issues spanning from gender equity to environmental concerns. The students were challenged and enjoyed the opportunity to bring in diverse cultural perspectives.

– Kiley Fithen, NorQuest College


see it, love it, buy it

This workshops unpacks one of the major forces that drives clothing overconsumption – advertising. With a focus on group learning, this workshop teaches participants about the tactics used by advertisers to encourage us to buy. Participants learn critical thinking techniques to challenge advertising messaging, and tangible ways to reduce clothing overconsumption through more mindful shopping habits.

Jess presented an amazing session for our Multicultural Women’s Support Group.  The topic “Sustainable clothing choices and overconsumption” was a new one for the group. Jess made the topic easy to understand as in the group we have participants with different English language levels.  The way the information was presented made the participants learn different tips to reduce overconsumption and be more aware of what big companies offer through media.  Jess also shared valuable information like a list of places where people can recycle clothes.  At the end of the session, participants asked Jess questions that she was eager to answer.  This was a good fit for our program as the group not only want to learn about Canadian culture and customs, but also want to take more civic action in their communities.

– Patricia Paz, Family Support Worker for Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

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All workshops are 1.5 hours. Two workshops can be combined for 2.5 hours.